Originally when I started this blog, I was going to use it as a sort of journal to document my weight loss. I mean let’s face it, I’m a fat girl in a skinny world. Seriously, my 11 year old daughter tried on size 0000 jeans the other day. When did that even become a size? And the jeans were $40!! Do girls this size know they can go to Old Navy during their sales and get a 12 slim skinny jean for $10? (The size my daughter usually wears)

Anyway, like I said, what started as a weight loss chronicle will now be about anything and everything I have an opinion on. Most of it will pertain to living in a world made for skinny people, a little may be political, pretty much all of it will offend someone (seriously, if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read me. This is my only disclaimer) and hopefully all of it will be entertaining.

Like I said, I’m a fat girl living in a skinny world. I want to lose weight. I know how to lose weight. I mean lets face it, most fat people know more about dieting than anyone. Heck, I could write my own diet book, make a million dollars and pay that Jillian bitch from The Biggest Loser to kick my ass into shape. I have one problem: I love to eat. Seriously, my husband and I have planned vacations around places to eat.  After all, I’m from New Orleans. Every event that ever happens in your life growing up involves food. Well, and alcohol but that’s my memoirs if I ever get around to writing them. I find that as an adult, I do the same thing. Every event we have involving family stuff, I feel like I have to make something. Alot of something. Ask anyone. It’s in our DNA.

Bottom line, I like to eat. So when they can figure out how to make me not like the taste of food, I might be able to stick to a diet. Until then, I’ll take my walks, try to not eat enough for 4 lumberjacks and try not to let it get to me that there are anorexic bitches who have never had children pass through their hips that wear the same size as my 11 year old. After all, I have something they will never have: boobs I didn’t have to pay for. I’m a fat bitch and I rule.