About a year and a half ago, I woke up one day and realized that I didn’t want do the job I’ve been doing for 20+ years. I mean, I really didn’t want to be a restaurant manager/waitress/bartender when I grew up.

I was lamenting this fact with a girlfriend of mine who just happened to be a wedding photographer. She called me that night and asked me if I wanted to be her assistant. I don’t think I really understood at the time how significant that phone call would be to my life.

You see, I didn’t know diddly squat about photography. I barely knew how to work my camera and I really didn’t even like taking pictures. After telling her all this, her reply was, “I don’t care. I just need help. I’ll teach you what you need to know.”

And I learned. I bought and read books on photography so I knew what the different settings were. Things like ISO, f-stop, white balance, and exposure just to name a few. Then I downloaded software, read some more books, downloaded podcasts and started practicing editing.`

So now, a year and a half later, I’m sitting in her living room at a makeshift desk on Big Mac editing great pictures from an engagement session from a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty surreal taking a peak into someone else’s life.  To see them so in love. To see the behind the scenes pics from a wedding. Seeing pics of the bride so excited and nervous and see the groom checking last minute scores on his iPhone. You get to see so much from pictures that I almost feel like I was there and that I know the people even though we’ve never met. It’s kinda cool.

And I have the privilege of editing some really great photos from some really great photographers. My primary editing job is the photos taken by my very good friend Christine (you can see her stuff here) and her assistant photographer Elaine , but I’ve also had the pleasure of editing photos from Marc, Kari, and Kelly.

I have to honestly say that although I never would have picked this as a career in a million years. It’s a really good fit for me. And I get to meet some great people. Our studio has just won an award from WeddingWire.com for 2010 Bride’s Choice Award and I’ve just recently branched out and started taking on more client photographers with my own business Bloom Processing.

It’s been a great year and half so far and I’m really looking forward to many more to come.