While the world’s greatest boss was in Atlanta last week having all kinds of fun with the LaCour/ShootQ gang, I stayed home and got us all caught up on the shoots she had done before she left. We’re all caught up but I gotta tell ya, kinda tired of looking at half naked ladies in panties. But, hey it pays the rent and I’m kinda immune to it now.

After I got all the sessions edited, books made, final edits, books ordered, Friday rolled around. Not just any Friday. We had a workshop scheduled at the studio with Justin and Mary Marantz (Check them out here).

Justin and Mary are two New England photographers who grew a phenomenal business which they manage to balance with their personal life without making themselves crazy. They’ve been such a success that they decided to take their techniques to the road and teach others how to balance all aspects of their business. Although geared towards photographers, the techniques they teach can be applied to any small business. The advice they give is awesome and the lifestyle section of the workshop is just as valuable as the business part. I feel blessed being able to witness such an awesome team. If they are coming to you’re area, I highly recommend seeing them.

Then after relaxing around the house on Saturday, I had to watch the Saints on Sunday. Not much relaxing going on then. Not being a football fan, to see me yelling at the players on the TV had to be a sight. It was all worth it though since the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. 43 years of football and they finally make it. How can I not be excited?! Yeah!! WHO DAT!!!

It was enough to make me have to take off on Monday. No, really, Christine had a bridal show on Sunday and was wiped out from her week of coming home on Thurs to turn around and drive to Austin on Friday to race home that afternoon for Justin and Mary’s workshop. Now she’s sick and I wasn’t feeling so hot on Monday either, so we took a day off. I still have sinus issues but Christine sounds like she’s on death door. She’s hanging in there though.

So it’s back to work and the official open of my business, Bloom Processing. Time for mama to get busy and make some money. She needs a new MacBook.

Ya’ll have a good week,