Valentine’s day for us is usually like any other day around here. I tell Dwayne every year not to get me anything because quite frankly I don’t need chocolate, flowers die and except for my wedding ring and a necklace my mom gave me several years ago that I rarely take off, I don’t really wear jewelry. I’m not that high maintenance and usually a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and a kiss suffice.

We do have one really odd tradition though. Chili. Or more specifically: hot dogs and chili. For whatever reason (there are conflicting stories) early in our relationship, I made chili for either our anniversary or Valentine’s day. I think it was when I was pregnant with Lili although Dwayne claims I wasn’t. Anyway, for any celebratory thing like my birthday, our anniversary or Valentine’s day, I always celebrate by making a pot of chili and having hotdogs or Frito pie.

So yesterday, in honor of this over commercialized holiday, I made a pot of chili and had myself a Frito pie. Complete with mounds of cheese, onions, jalapenos and sour cream. It was fantastic. One of my best chili’s yet.

Hope your V-day was filled with your version of Frito pie and Chili.