Tomorrow is my birthday. That’s not something I get too excited about around here. After all, it just means I’m getting old. I’m going to be 39 after all and next year, I’ll be 40. How the hell do you get excited about turning 40 much less almost 40?

I mean, I have hair in places I’ve never had hair. My boobs are about all the way down to my waist and don’t even get me started on adult acne. My only saving grace is that since I’ve been dying my hair for so long, I have now idea whether any of it is gray.

Not to mention I just look at food and my pants don’t fit. What is there to celebrate?

Well, quite a lot actually. I’m alive, well and for the most part healthy. My family is healthy. My friends are all healthy. New babies are precious with all their fingers and toes. Pregnant friends are doing well. I have a career I like and a loving husband who tells me he loves me everyday.

So I guess this birthday, I won’t celebrate the fact that I’m a year older. I’ll celebrate that everyone I know and love is alive and well.  HAPPY LIFE EVERYONE!!!