I know I have been doing a series on saving money, but today I’m going to deviate a bit from that. As you can probably tell from the name of my blog, I am a little overweight. Okay, I’m about 60 pounds overweight. To be exact, I woke up this morning weighing 212.2 pounds. I don’t mind telling you my weight. Most people don’t realize I weigh that much because I carry my weight pretty well. (Seriously, I have about 30 pounds worth of boobs, so I’m kinda proportionate)

The other day, my daughter, Lili, asked me why did I diet. For those of you who don’t know anything about her, she’s 13, very intelligent, and is going through all the teen angst most girls her age go through. Including body image issues. So far she hasn’t become obsessive about being thin or wanting to change a whole lot about herself, but I wanted to be really careful about how I answered her question. And to do that, I had to think carefully about the reasons why I wanted to lose weight.

When I didn’t answer her right away, she added that she didn’t think I needed to lose weight and that I look fine just the way I am. And this was something that resonated with me. You see, I am happy with the way I look. I have never been one to get all caught up in how I look. I mean, you are talking to the woman who will go to the grocery store right after a run or in my pajamas. I don’t feel the need to put on makeup or fix my hair everyday. I pretty much stay home all day in yoga pants and tank tops.

So why did I start dieting and  running? I told her the reason was because I was overweight and there were dangers a woman my age faced being overweight. I was waking up some days tired and everything hurting. I run the risk of heart disease which can lead to a heart attack. I also am now in danger of having a stroke or contracting diabetes which in turn can lead to a whole new mess of problems including circulation and kidney issues. I told her all of this. That is why I started running and try to run everyday. It’s why I enter my calories into the program on my phone to keep track of everything I eat. To take back my health and live a longer life.

I used to run when I was her age. I ran a lot. I ran track, I ran 5K’s, I ran whenever I could. It was therapeutic to get out there and just let everything fall away. I wish I had stuck with it. I have found over the last few months that it is something I have missed in my life. And now that I have rediscovered how much I love it, I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

I’m running a race on 11-11-11. It is the National Veterans Day Run and Walk. It’s an 11K race dedicated to honoring our veterans. For those of you who are metric challenged, that’s 6.8 miles. I’m up to 5K distance now although I haven’t run a race yet but I think I’ll be ready by then. I also have a donation page here if you would like to donate in my name to benefit veteran charities. I would like to get $200 in donations so any little bit counts. And thanks in advance.

I should also point out that Lili has decided to run the race with me. I’m hoping she will enjoy it and develop it as a healthy habit and stick with it. I know I have really enjoyed running again. I have energy. I’m losing weight. I’m not achy all the time. I can actually walk up a flight of stairs without wanting to die.  It’s giving me my life back.